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The Human Odyssey – going live at the Academy of Sciences


The Human Odyssey gallery is going live on February 6th, including a series of interactive exhibits and upgraded content better conveying the narrative of human evolution and our migration out of Africa. The biggest exhibit is the Human Odyssey Migration map: a pair of 32″ touch screens running an interactive app I’ve developed in pure HTML5 / CSS3 (with canvas and svg drawing the game in realtime) that allows the user to trace our species’s historic and prehistoric milestones, climate events, and interaction with neanderthals through time, and an 85″ plasma display playing a prerendered walk through our journey out of the trees 200,000 years ago and through the next 20 years of future influence over our environment.

Additionally, some friends have made other, interesting interactives employing electroluminescent panels, holographic “Pepper’s Ghost” effects, proximity sensors, sonar, articulated bones, and more.

The interactive map charting our migration is available online here:

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