Miniature Earthquakes and Confusing Robots

With any luck and some very messy hacks, on October 18th Tosh and I will be showing off a mini shake-table, some competitive robotics, and giving you a chance to injure your closest friends at Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences.

Have a drink, fight a robot, and check out the mixed-media performance by multimedia artist J-Walt Adamczyk.

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EARTHQUAKE - New exhibit live at the California Academy of Sciences, powered by my electronics / code

From the Academy: "Our new Earthquake exhibit and planetarium show open this Saturday! Here's a sneak peek from (edit: you can see my calculator in the last picture.) What are you most excited to see? The return of an earthquake simulator? Live baby ostriches? The planetarium show?"

I'll upload pictures and code to the usual place if/when/where it's allowed. Obj-c, Perl, Python, Assembly, Max/MSP, rear projections, old-school Happ arcade-controls, and more.

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"Animal Attraction" iPad interactives are live at the Steinhart Aquarium

The Animal Attractions Exhibit is live and on the wall at the Steinhart Aquarium, featuring the iPad app I was part of developing. This exhibit provides interactive signage, video and stories of the few dozen specimens in 18 tanks.

The exhibits focuses on the unusual courtship, relationship and mating habits of different animals, from scorpions and a coconut octopus to the and common garden snail with their rapey "love darts."

The Steinhart Aquarium had this to say: "Enter and discover the surprising secrets of meeting, mating and repopulating. The colorful and diverse beauty of the natural world would not exist without the mixing and passing of genes."

(image credit to Tosh Chiang)

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